Publication: Service Directory for KP Women

WEPP-KP project with the financial support from Government of Canada, on the request from SW, SE & WED KP, finalized, printed, and disseminated the Service Directory along with its Urdu translation to the DSWOs and DCSW Members. The DCSW and DSWOs conducted a project supported community forums in 11 districts of KP, where they raised awareness regarding the information within the service directory among community people. The directory will not just support women to access critical services but will also facilitate the DSWOs and DCSWs in monitoring all the women-related services. The service directory responds to issues women commonly face such as legal aid, reporting to police, health emergency services, psychological support, access to special incentives announced by the government, etc. The directory mapped the services in all 26 districts of KP, including service providers in legal aid, women shelters, social protection, health, police psychosocial support, and women vocational centers. This will help SW, SE & WED to map out a clear referral pathway and protocol to ensure that women have access to the care and assistance that they require. In addition, this process will improve dialogue between government and communities, facilitating better service provision.

Service Directory can be downloaded on the links provided below:

English Version

Service Directory – English

Urdu Version

Service Directory – Urdu