MOU Signing Between WPC and KPCSW

WEPP-KP playing its role in strengthening its partnership and cooperation with women-related Government Departments for women empowerment and political participation of women in KP. Being working for women empowerment in KP, KPCSW needs to work in collaboration with WPC for identification and convenience in the revision of pro-women laws in KP. WEPP-KP on the request of KPCSW arranged a 2-days coordination workshop in October 2020 between WPC and KPCSW for their experience sharing and searching for areas of cooperation. In the same workshop, both agreed to sign an MOU for strengthening the partnership and cooperation. On 12th April 2021, WEPP-KP arranged an event for MOU signing between WPC and KPCSW. It will be very helpful for KPCSW for the revision and identification of pro-women laws in KP. The event receives massive print media coverage.

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