Success Story of Ms. Zulhajja Ilyas on International Women’s Day 2021

WEPP-KP’s Activities Background with LGS, LCB of the GoKP

Local Governance School (LGS) functions under the Local Council Board (LCB) of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (GoKP). LGS provides pre-post promotion and other capacity-building trainings to the employees of the LCB including Town Municipal Administrations (TMAs). Capacity building on Gender Mainstreaming of the LCB being associated directly with the community people including women was very important, so Women’s Empowerment & Political Participation project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (WEPP-KP) provided technical support to the LGS in developing their website for communication and uploading of learning materials, an online training platform for COVID-19 and women of far-off places and arranged Training of Trainers (TOT) on Gender Mainstreaming (GM) in September 2020.

Beneficiary Introduction

Ms. Zulhajja Ilyas is a Town Officer Regulations (TOR) in Town II, Town Municipal Administration (TMA), Peshawar. She is working in a leading role in TMA and is responsible to check whether the local population and businesses are following the government laws or not and imposed fine on them in case of non-compliance with laws. She joined as the first women officer in a leading role in Town II, TMA Peshawar, so she experienced irrational attitude from her male colleagues in the beginning period of her posting. She is an employee of TMA has been nominated by LGS for TOT on GM supported by WEPP-KP. As per the action plan prepared at the end of TOT, each Master Trainer had to deliver a one-day session on GM in their respective TMA or office to its staff and officers. She shared the below-mentioned impact of the TOT and the session she delivered as Master Trainer with WEPP-KP:

Impact of the TOT and Session on GM as Master Trainer of the WEPP-KP

“I am blessed that WEPP-KP and Government of Canada have provided me an opportunity to attend three days TOT on Gender Mainstreaming at Local Governance School, Peshawar”.

I joined Town II, TMA Peshawar as the first women officer in the leading role. The office was entirely male-dominated and I faced multiple challenges in the form of an irrational attitude of male colleagues. Very soon I analyzed that the problem with male colleagues was; they didn’t know how to deal with a woman colleague and how to obey a woman’s orders in the office. I didn’t have the confidence and skills on how to deal with the issue and create a women-friendly working environment. I was more conscious of the issue since I was foreseeing more women joining the office. So, I always dreamed of creating women working-friendly environment.

I am very thankful to WEPP-KP that they trained and involved me as the Master Trainer on Gender Mainstreaming. My knowledge and skills were enhanced on gender mainstreaming tools, Pakistani Laws for women protection, Protection of Women against Harassment Act at Workplace act. Training boosted up my confidence level by involving me in group presentations and I felt more vocal, confident and central part of the office. Furthermore, I was assigned to conduct the one-day session on gender mainstreaming as the Master Trainer in my own office. Even though I faced a lot of hard responses from my male colleagues during the session but ultimately the conducting of the session was worth it and I feel that their attitude changed positively after that session and now I am confident to lead more women to work in the government offices.”

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