Trainings on Gender Responsive Communication Skills at DSW Nowshera and Charsadda

After perceiving the importance of gender-responsive communication skills by SW, SE & WED Officials in the gender-responsive training on leadership, management, and communication skills, they requested WEPP-KP to conduct one-day sessions in DSWOs in Nowshera and Charsadda on gender-responsive communication skills. The project then conducted 2 one-day sessions on gender-responsive communication skills in DSWOs in Nowshera and Charsadda in January 2021 for their capacity building on the importance of gender within a day to and day and official communication. Topics regarding king skill of communication, verbal and non-verbal communication, do’s and don’t in communication, listening skill, command, and knowledge in communication, talking to media, use of communication in offices, and gender-responsive communication was covered.

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