Publication: Manual for Training on Gender Responsive Evidence Based Research

Women’s Empowerment & Political Participation project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (WEPP-KP) with the financial support of  Global Affairs Canada (GAC) drafted and printed manual for training on gender responsive evidence based research. The purpose of this training manual is to strengthen and enhance the capacity of KPCSW, SW, SE & WED and P&DD-KP to better understand the concept of evidence based research and support them incorporating gender within their research studies.

The main objectives of the manual are:

  1. The purpose of this Manual is to provide consistent and uniform information to facilitators/trainers in gender responsive evidence-based research to form culturally sensitive
    strategies for research focused interventions. This manual will develop the understanding of the
    trainees around the following objectives:
    • To increase the awareness of participants on gender responsiveness e.g. roles and
    responsibilities, inequalities, challenges and cross cutting themes;
  2. • To develop an understanding of participants on the qualitative and quantitative research
    • To design gender responsive evidence-based research; and
    • To develop standard operating procedures (SOPs) on gender responsive evidence-based

Overall Learning Outcomes:
After receiving this training, the participants will be able to:
• Understand the key concepts of gender responsiveness;
• Contextualize the gender roles and responsibilities, equality and equity including social status
in KP culture;
• Describe the key concepts of the qualitative and quantitative research methods and practical
applicability of those research methods and adopt culturally sensitive strategies to empower
women; and
• Design a gender responsive research study.

Manual can be accessed by clicking on “Manual for Training on GR-EBR” mentioned below:

Manual for Training on GR-EBR