Digital Posters :Awareness Posters Against Gender Based Violence as Part of 16 Days of Activism

In order to be a part of the Campaign on 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, WEPP-KP hired the services of the Kadam Communications and Consultants (KCC) and designed 16 pictorial digital posters both in English and Urdu with the financial support of the Government of Canada. Each poster has a separate message for curbing domestic violence. Posters were designed to cover eight aspects of women empowerment and awareness on the elimination of curbing GBV. The aspects include; women discussing its rights, KP men discussing women rights in Jirga, women taking a stand against violence at home, the importance of standing against GBV at the workplace, discouraging domestic violence at home during COVID-19, parents’ behavior as a role model for children, discouraging child marriages, and love and care for daughters. Digital posters have been posted on the social media pages of KCC, the WEPP-KP website, local social media news pages, and Cowater International and it has been viewed by 100,000 viewers in KP.