Publication: Manual for Training of Trainers on Gender Mainstreaming

Women’s Empowerment & Political Participation project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (WEPP-KP) with the financial support of  Global Affairs Canada (GAC) drafted and printed training of trainers manual on gender mainstreaming. The purpose of this training manual is to strengthen and enhance the capacity of Local Governance School (LGS) to better understand the concept of gender mainstreaming in general and particularly in the context of women’s participation at all levels.

This training manual will build the understanding of LGS Master Trainers and other key staff on gender mainstreaming, participatory and inclusive planning, budgeting and implementation, relevant constitutional provisions and rights regarding the local government system, and issues of gender in conflict zones. The trainers and officials for Local Governance School will be able to explore the important linkages between gender mainstreaming and participatory and inclusive planning and development in the government system.

The main objectives of the manual are:

  1. To enhance understanding of gender and gender mainstreaming with reference to the political participation of women.
  2. To enhance understanding of participatory development, democracy, and functions of the local government.
  3. To provide knowledge and skills of gender analysis and mainstreaming in policy, planning, budgeting, and project management.
  4. To identify the root causes of women’s absence in the development process and to enhance women’s presence and participation in political processes and structures.
  5. To orient Master Trainers on Women’s constitutional rights and the progress and international commitments made by the Government of Pakistan.
  6. To identify the role of KPCSW and the Social Welfare Department in the lawmaking and policy formulation process.

Besides developing an understanding of gender mainstreaming and its importance in the government system, the manual will also equip the participants about how to design and deliver training on this subject in the field. The focus of the module will be on practicing skills, based on adult learning principles of participation and mutual learning.

The Primary Participants of this TOT will be as follows:

  • Master Trainers of LGS (Retired and serving officials of the LGS)
  • Competent resource persons from the non-profit sector
  • The trainers already engaged by LGS
  • Other activists

Manual can be accessed by clicking on “TOT Manual” mentioned below:

TOT Manual