Documentary: Inauguration of Local Governance School Website & Online Training Platform

On 15th September 2020, Local Governance School (LGS) inaugurated its official website and online training platform that has been provided with the technical support of Women Empowerment & Political Participation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (WEPP-KP) project and financial support of the Global Affairs Canada (GAC). The purpose of the website and online training platform is to improve the communication and publication of documentation of LGS, continuation of trainings during COVID-19, and make the trainings of LGS more inclusive by the participation of females from far-off areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa through an online training platform.

The event was supposed to be inaugurated by the Special Assistant to Chief Minister for LGE & RDD, Mr. Kamran Khan Bangash but due to his other urgent meeting, Secretary Local Council Board, Mr. Khizer Hayat Khan inaugurated the website and online training platform.

Director LGS, Mr. Barkat Ullah along with the LGS officials, WEPP-KP team, officials from UNDP and GiZ, and media personnel also attended the event.

Mr. Khizer Hayat and Mr. Barkat Ullah thanks the WEPP-KP and GAC for providing such an important facility to the LGS. Ms. Shabina Gulzar, Team Leader WEPP-KP also thank the LGS for the support and hoped that the website and online training platform will serve its purpose.

The event has been widely covered by the print media.




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